13 ways to optimize your Android smartphone

Make your Android phone more powerful, useful, and efficient with these 13 quick tips

Why all businesses should care about Net neutrality

If you think your company has nothing to fear from 'slow lane' Internet, think again ...  more

Two glimmers of hope for enterprise security

Will the endless stream of security compromises ever stop? No single security product can deliver salvation, but two new solutions, PingID and Tanium, show real promise... more

GitHub takes center stage at OSCON

The open source convention will also feature sessions on Docker, OpenStack, and programming languages both new and old... more

Oracle, Mirantis team up to grab Red Hat's OpenStack crown

Mirantis will sell OpenStack with Oracle's Linux and VM offerings, as a strike back at Red Hat's OpenStack... more

Ping Identity wants to replace sign-ons with smartphones

PingID allows enterprise users to sign onto any service or system with a swipe of their smartphones... more

Special report: The triumph of JavaScript

JavaScript is the reigning programming language across platforms and devices. Harness that power with the right frameworks and tools... more

10 tools for more productive telecommuting

Keep in touch with co-workers, track your time, and block distractions with these apps and services... more

Pat McGovern

InfoWorld Tech Watch by InfoWorld Tech Watch

iOS devices are still safe -- from everybody except Apple and the NSA

Security researcher says undocumented services... more

Mobile Edge by Galen M. Gruman

BlackBerry's square smartphone and other desperate moves

The company is attacking competitors and talking... more

Cloud Computing by David Linthicum

Sorry, cloud resisters: Control does not equal security

Many of those who push back on cloud computing... more

Tech's Bottom Line by Bill Snyder

The PC is dead? Then the Chromebook must be comatose

Microsoft haters close their eyes to any evidence... more

Strategic Developer by Andrew Oliver

The 10 worst big data practices

It's a new world full of shiny toys, but some have sharp edges. Don't hurt yourself or others. Learn... more

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